W naszej pracy pamiętamy, że ostateczny produkt trafia do człowieka, dlatego przyjmowane rozwiązania projektowe są odpowiedzią na jego potrzeby.

Budownictwo jest dla nas pasją, a naszą największą wartością są ludzie, którzy tworzą firmę poprzez zaangażowanie w wykonywaną pracę, niezależnie od jej skali i przeznaczenia


JAKON Jacek Grzelak Design Studio


has been present in the construction and real estate market since 2002. The owner and Chief Designer’s practice and experience dates back to 1998. Our ambitious and dynamic project team consists of graduates of Wrocław University of Technology.


Our team’s professional experience, which stems from having designed a wide array of constructions  as well as possessing deep knowledge of building design and development, is reflected in our plans and specifications.


Supervision of project development, participation in preparatory stages of the project and knowledge of the construction market enable us to optimize costs and adjust them to the investor’s needs and potential, which guarantees high market value of the designed constructions.

We use the newest engineering knowledge of designing and developing construction projects, which we have gained and broadened while developing projects of various scale in Poland and abroad. In the design process we use licensed software of companies such as Autodesk, Pro-Soft, CadSIS, CADS.

Apart from a standard civil liability insurance policy, which is obligatory for all members of the Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers, our studio has an active Professional Liability Insurance Coverage of AXA Insurance Company up to the amount of 2 million zł (policy number 8811166). See the policy: scan:1scan:2


We perform customized design work. We are confident that services rendered by our company help to optimize the investment costs and ensure high market value of the designed construction.



 You are welcome to check our team’s references and we are looking forward to cooperating with you.
In our work we always remember that the end user is a human being and all our design solutions respond to people’s real needs.




Building is our passion, and our top value is the people who create the company through their involvement in the work they perform, irrespectively of its scale and purpose.


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Polisa Zawodowej Odpowiedzialności Cywilnej Projektanta na kwotę 3 mln zł. : Polisa.pdf   Licencjonowane oprogramowanie firm Autodesk, Pro-Soft, CadSIS oraz CADS.


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